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Module/Course Description

Course Title: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives in Education

Course Code: UU-PED-1040-MW

Programme: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Primary Education (Upgrading)

Credits: 24.00

Course Description:

Sociology and Psychology are foundational courses for students undertaking any education program. The module provides student teachers with knowledge of relevant basic concepts and theories of sociology and psychology to help them better understand human behaviour, how learners learn, and the broader society from which learners and their families come. The module also introduces student teachers to methods of sociological and psychological inquiry and how to apply this in classroom, school and educational contexts. The module shows how the family, the environment, culture, politics, religion and other constructs shape how learners behave, how they are raised, and how that may affect their learning and success and failure in education.  

Module Aim
This module aims to create an awareness of how society shapes learners into individuals, how groups and individuals behave, how they learn, and how this affects how learners perform in school. The module further aims to enable student teachers to apply relevant knowledge and skills of sociology and psychology to education.

Module Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the module, students should be able to:
1.    Describe how society shapes learners and how this affects their performance in school.
2.    Appreciate how this knowledge can be used in teaching and classroom management
3.    Identify the basic concepts used in educational Sociology.
2.    Explain the school as a social organization.
3.    Examine forms of deviant behaviour in schools
4.    Investigate the social factors that affect academic performance in schools
5.    Assess the role that gender plays in education
6.    Trace the stages of human development.
7.    Apply knowledge of Cognitive and social development in teaching, learning and assessment.
8.    Utilise knowledge of special education and exceptional children in teaching, learning and assessment.
9.    Apply learning theories in teaching, learning and assessment
10.    Discuss the interface of Sociology and Psychology and their impact on education

Prerequisites: UU-PED-1020-MW, UU-PED-1000-MW, UU-PED-1030-MW, UU-PED-IND100

Prerequisites Categories: -

Typical Module duration: 7.0 Week(s)


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