Module/Course Description

Course Title: Programming I

Course Code: UU-COM-1100

Programme: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science - MW

Credits: 3.00

Course Description:

Objectives of the Course:

  •  Introduce students to structured programming by means of the syntax and semantics of a structured high-level programming language.
  •  Provide students a good working knowledge of a programming language. This includes programming constructs such as expressions, selection statements, loops, functions and arrays.
  •  Provide practical experience in problem solving, coding, debugging, and testing.
  •  Guide the student in order to develop good programming practices.
  •  Obtain a foundation that will allow the student to pursue more advanced programming topics.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Deal with the practicalities of writing a computer program.
  • Think and plan in a logical manner.
  • Apply a structured approach to problem solving.
  • Analyze and explain the behavior of simple programs involving the fundamental programming constructs.
  • Modify and expand short programs that use standard conditional and iterative controls structures and functions.
  • Design, implement, test and debug a program that uses each of the following fundamental programming constructs:

               Basic computation

               Simple I/O

               Standard conditional and iterative structures



  •  Choose appropriate conditional and iteration constructs for a given programmingtask.
  •  Apply the techniques of structured (functional) decomposition to break a program into smaller pieces.
  •  Describe the mechanics of parameter passing (value and reference) and write programs with actual and formal parameters.

Prerequisites: UU-ACG-1000, UU-MKT-2000, UU-MAN-2010, UU-BBA-2000, UU-ENG-1000, UU-ENG-1001, UU-ENG-1005, UU-COM-1000, UU-MTH-1000, UU-MTH-2000, UU-BA-IND100, UU-FNT-103


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