Module/Course Description

Course Title: Service Quality management

Course Code: UU-HRM-4000

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hospitality Management - MW - BL

Credits: 3.00

Course Description:

Objectives of the Course:

• Analyze human needs and expectations in the achievement of satisfaction.
• Deal with complaints, remedies and prevention.
• Articulate the characteristics of service and a gap analysis between expectations and satisfaction.
• Evaluate a quality analysis, its implementation and consequences.
• Merge service and quality in order to achieve an effective application of service quality.
• Develop and control effective employee performance towards quality service.
• Analyze of ISO/BS standards of quality.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Critically evaluate the modern concepts and theories of quality management. (students should acquire Knowledge of quality theories available, describe the ‘system view’ that underlines modern quality management thinking)
2. Identify the factors that contribute to the continuous quality improvement process. (students should acquire knowledge to compare and contrast Deming’s, Juran’s, and Crosby’s perception of quality of management and identify why commitment is an important variable in quality improvement initiatives)
3. Explore the concepts of Quality management and its application to the Hospitality and Tourism sector. (students should acquire knowledge and abilities in the ways in which services are unique in comparison with manufacture industry, and how the differences affect the management of service quality).
4.Appraise the various evaluation frameworks that exist. (students should acquire knowledge and be able identify the advantages of the ‘servqual’ instrument)
5. Demonstrate the relationships between quality management and human resource management. (students should acquire abilities in recognizing the importance of the human factor in implementing quality systems)
6. Recognize the role and significance of TQM with a strategic management context. (students should acquire knowledge and skills in planning of quality management process)

Prerequisites: UU-ACG-1000, UU-MKT-2000, UU-MAN-2010, UU-BBA-2000, UU-ENG-1000, UU-ENG-1001, UU-ENG-1005, UU-COM-1000, UU-MTH-1000, UU-MTH-1005, UU-MTH-2000, UU-MTH-3000, UU-HOM-1000, UU-HOM-1010, UU-HOM-2010, UU-HOM-2020, UU-HOM-3000, UU-HOM-3005, UU-HOM-3010, UU-HRM-2000, UU-HRM-2037, UU-HRM-2045, UU-HRM-3040, UU-HRM-3070, UU-HRM-2046, UU-BA-IND100, UU-FNT-103, UU-ACG-1001-BHM, UU-PSH-1000-BHM, UU-PSH-1100-BHM, UU-SOC-1000-BHM, UU-MAN-4000-BHM


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