Module/Course Description

Course Title: Housekeeping and Maintenance management

Course Code: UU-HOM-2010

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hospitality Management - MW - BL

Credits: 3.00

Course Description:

Objectives of the Course:

• Help to prepare students to meet the challenges associated with the
housekeeping department
• Provide an overview of the key issues of housekeeping and maintenance
• To understand the theoretical and practical knowledge that constitutes the
work of housekeeping
• To illustrate the complexities and demands of working in the industry
through the scope of housekeeping

Learning Outcomes:

1. Describe the role of the housekeeping department in hotel operations, and
explain the importance of effective communication between housekeeping,
the front office and the engineering and maintenance division.
2. Identify typical cleaning responsibilities of the housekeeping department, and
explain how area inventory lists, frequency schedules, performance standards
and productivity standards are used to plan and organize the housekeeping
3. Apply techniques to develop and improve human resource skills in
recruiting, selecting, hiring and orienting. Techniques addressed include
identifying sources of labor from non-traditional labor markets, implementing
internal and external recruiting methods, minimizing employee turnover,
enchasing interviewing skills, and orienting new employees to the
housekeeping department.
4. Apply techniques to develop and improve human resource skills in areas of
training, scheduling, motivating, and disciplining. Techniques addressed
include implementing the four-step training method, developing a staffing guide, adopting alternative scheduling methods, motivating the housekeeping
staff, and administering a formal disciplinary action program.
5. Manage inventories of recycled and non-recycled items. Techniques addressed
include establishing par levels for different types of inventories, taking
physical inventory, and implementing effective inventory control procedures.
6. Control expenses in the housekeeping department by using the operating
budget as a control tool, tracking expenses on the basis of a budget cost-peroccupied-
room, and implementing efficient purchasing practices.
7. Understand the safety and security needs of hospitality operations and how
safety and security issues affect H/K personnel.
8. Understand the managerial skills necessary to efficiently operate an onpremises
laundry operation (OPL). Skills addressed included planning the
physical layout of an on-premises laundry operation, developing procedures
for laundering different fabrics, organizing the flow of linens through the
laundering process, operating typical machines and equipment used in laundry
operations, and staffing the OPL.

Prerequisites: UU-ACG-1000, UU-MKT-2000, UU-MAN-2010, UU-BBA-2000, UU-ENG-1000, UU-ENG-1001, UU-ENG-1005, UU-COM-1000, UU-MTH-1000, UU-MTH-1005, UU-MTH-2000, UU-MTH-3000, UU-HOM-1000, UU-HRM-2045, UU-BA-IND100, UU-FNT-103, UU-ACG-1001-BHM


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