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Module/Course Description

Course Title: Climate change & Sustainable Development

Course Code: UU-PED-4020-MW

Programme: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Primary Education

Credits: 20.00

Course Description:

The module connects climate change to sustainable development through its impact on natural resources and the environment. It outlines how these issues manifest themselves at global and national / local level; how they impact efforts at sustainable development in low income countries; and how society may address the challenges brought about by climate change through associated policy actions of mitigation, adaptation and resilience. The module further contains topics on citizen’s role in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Module aim
The aim of this module is to give student teachers an in-depth understanding of climate change and its relationship to sustainable development, including through its impact on the environment and natural resources, and how these concepts may be communicated to learners. 

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the module, student teachers should be able to:
1.    Define climate change 
2.    Explain factors that contribute to climate change
3.    Demonstrate understanding of global environmental issues related to climate change
4.    Analyse meaning, definition and scope of sustainable development
5.    Explain the nexus between natural resources and sustainable development
6.    Discuss climate change and associated policies to address climate change and related developmental issues
7.    Discuss the importance of mitigation, adaptation and resilience
8.    Apply local, school level mitigation, adaptation and resilience measures
9.    Review methods for teaching climate change and sustainable development in primary schools.
10.    Identify methods and resources for teaching climate change and sustainable development

Prerequisites: UU-PED-IND100

Prerequisites Categories: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

Typical Module duration: 7.0 Week(s)


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