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Module/Course Description

Course Title: Academic Communication and Critical Thinking

Course Code: UU-PED-1020-MW

Programme: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Primary Education

Credits: 24.00

Course Description:

The module is designed to facilitate the process of transition into the academic and cultural environment required for students to succeed at bachelor’s degree level and help establish their confidence in academic communication and critical thinking. The module will consolidate various forms of English Language, including grammatical items, writing processes, essay and speech types, parts of an essay, and elements of critical thinking. Students will be exposed to various genres of academic writing, referencing and bibliography, how to avoid plagiarism, and how to be critical thinkers.

Module Aim

The module aims to develop student teachers’ academic reading, writing and speech communication, to enable them to use academic materials more effectively for their own academic progression. The module also aims to introduce student teachers to critical thinking for teaching and learning.

Module Learning Outcomes
By the completion of this module students will be able to:
1.    Demonstrate an awareness of academic communication, academic literacy, and critical thinking, and how they are interrelated.
2.    Compose different types of effective outlines and understandable, coherent products in academic communication;
3.    Compose well-developed common communication genres with a clearly stated thesis statement;
4.    Develop techniques in essays and speeches to avoid plagiarism (paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting);
5.    Develop academic reading and writing skills that will allow students to use materials more effectively in their own academic progression;
6.    Demonstrate an awareness of critical thinking for teaching and learning.
7.    Apply knowledge of critical thinking across the curriculum and in daily life in the school, home and community.

Prerequisites: UU-COM(G)-1010-MW, UU-PED-IND100

Prerequisites Categories: Year 1

Typical Module duration: 7.0 Week(s)


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