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Module/Course Description

Course Title: Managerial Accounting and Finance

Course Code: UU-FNE-2660-MW

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and Business

Credits: 24.00

Course Description:

Module Description Managerial

Accounting and Finance is a module that will enable students to understand key finance principles, how the financial market works and how the financial moves of a company’s management can influence the financial results of an organization.

Module Aim
This module aims at equipping students with key financial principles and imparting students with knowledge of how financial markets operate and how security prices are determined and show how financial theory can be used to address practical problems.

Module Learning Outcomes
After completing the module students should be able to:
1. Define managerial accounting, cost concepts and the basics of cost/volume/profit relationships
2. Recognize the basics of attaching products to services, process costing and activity based costing
3. Budget efficiently and measure performance by analyzing standard costs
4. Identify joint allocation principles and effective decision-making skills for accounting managers
5. Differentiate between various investment, transactions and performance measurements
6. Analyze financial statements.
7. Apply time value of money concepts.
8. Measure risk and rates of return.
9. Assess the valuation of Bonds and Stocks.
10. Illustrate cash flow estimation for expansion projects and replacement
11. Explain the cost of capital.
12. Estimate the firm’s optimal capital structure.

Prerequisites: UU-BA-IND100, UU-FNT-103

Prerequisites Categories: Year 1

Typical Module duration: 7.0 Week(s)


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