Module/Course Description

Course Title: Cultural Geography

Course Code: UU-HRM-3030-BBA

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration - MW - BL

Credits: 3.00

Course Description:

Objectives of the Course:

• Develop academic method: thinking, research, referencing, collating and integrative skills with initiative and originality.
• Develop in students the basic understanding and introductory skills to work with geography
• Introduce students to the nature of geography
• Help students develop a curiosity and love for the field
• Encourage students by giving content and skill to explain:
• The distribution and spatially different activities of human across the earth
• Variations of population growth and migration of humans through typical and exceptional trends
• Cultural differences and their spatial variations
• Development of subsistence and economic activity patterns and their relation to the environment
• The development of resource use and the implication of resource depletion, particularly of fossil fuels’ impact on civilization
• Aid students to understand the unique spatial basis of geography
• Space: place, position and links
• Develop in students:
• Map skills
• Abilities to visually represent and interpret facts of geography

Learning Outcomes:

1.Work with academic method to think, research, reference, collate and integrate facts and concepts with initiative and originality.
2. Explain the distribution of human activity
3.Work with data and information within the methods of cultural geography
    • Interpret maps and data
    • Visually represent data in tabulated form or maps as they relate to the field
4. Analyze the causes for spatial variation in population statistics and migration patterns
5. Describe and account for cultural difference and distribution
6. Understand the nature and role of intercultural communication for a multicultural Europe
7. Understand the relation of subsistence and economic activity within peoples within their environment
8. Appreciate the finiteness of energy supplies and the impact of scarcity on civilization and consider alternatives for fuel and contingencies for other lifestyles in a post energy era
9. Develop skills to:
    • Understand and explain space with its place, position and links

    • Work with maps and visual presentation of geographic data and trends

    • Interpret geographic data Course Contents:

Prerequisites: UU-BA-IND100, UU-FNT-103


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